The Chapess Manifesto

I'm not really that keen on rules, so these ('codes' if you like!) are intended to be fluid and more like a guiding principles ... they definitely aren't meant to be comprehensive (although they are fairly numerous!) or in any way prescriptive...let me know if you think I should add/ change any!

A Chapess believes in ...

1. Sisterhood

2. Striving to broaden the mind

3. The edifying qualities of the Arts & Culture

4. Speaking/writing your mind & being true to your word

5. Expressing oneself creatively inc. unbridled singing and dancing

6. Day dreaming - as a great way to cultivate the imagination

7. Avoiding time wasting exercises like housework where-ever possible

8. Striving for self-reliance and self-sufficiency

9. Chap-collaboration - allegiance is more effective than opposition

10. Protecting the environment and wildlife

11. Philanthropy - selflessness and acts of kindness

12. Peaceful solutions and conflict-avoidance

13. Celebrating female difference and individuality

14. Embracing a guilt free existence

15. Dressing to please oneself

16. Forgiveness rather than revenge

17. Food & drink (especially ale) appreciation - as a shared experience

18. Political awareness and being being critical of the 'Media Machine'

19. Equality and freedom in romantic relationships

20. Adventure, whether as a flaneur in the city or as an explorer of nature